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TRADUCLAIR is a translation company that has been dedicated to the professional world for more than 30 years.

Our role is to increase your ability to communicate with the world.
Our mission: to offer you an excellent standard of translation at optimum cost.

We are proud to count large industrial groups in aeronautics, mechanical engineering, medicine, agribusiness etc. and public bodies, ministries, institutions and research centres, amongst our clients.

Translating and interpreting

TRADUCLAIR works in many fields and businesses. We provide written translation services for very varied professional documents (technical documentation, sales brochures, press releases, legal documents, etc.). Our interpreters provide simultaneous interpreting during symposiums and conferences. They also provide consecutive interpreting services to help you in meetings.

Our advantages:

  • a wide range of technical skills in the field of translating and in many languages.
  • a high degree of responsiveness, due to a flexible structure and a network of translators specialised in their fields and experienced in our methodology,
  • a complete offer: written translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, proofreading and checking, graphic creation and page setting,
  • a confidentiality undertaking based on security clearance with official bodies, to ensure the security of your documents.

A translation company close to its clients.

The flexibility of our structure and our network of professional translators and interpreters enables us to adapt to each request. We use our expertise to adapt each translation service: we capture the essence of the original message to transmit it clearly to its audience in the target language.