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AWS - Agency Walker Services
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What you should know

Due to the extent of our network of partners, we can meet your urgent demands. With the time difference, some translation jobs are done at night, by translators located on the other side of the world.

A customer relations oriented team of translators, interpreters and administrative staff.

Project leader

The project leader is responsible for managing jobs and relations with customers and suppliers. He/she is also the person responsible for security matters and clearances for the French Armaments Procurement Agency.

Translators and interpreters

The 50 translators and interpreters in our network are graduates of the specialist training schools (ISIT, ESIT, etc.) or foreign universities. Each translator or interpreter has significant experience in his or her specialist fields. Most of them have been working with us for many years in a relationship of mutual trust.

Quality Manager

The Quality Manager is responsible for terminology, proof-reading, updating glossaries and overseeing jobs.

Artistic director

With the help of our translators and proof-readers, the Artistic Director, a trained graphic artist and computer graphics specialist, makes sure that documents are reproduced identically in all languages up to "ready for press" standard.

Administrative Manager

The Administrative Manager is responsible for secretarial matters and accounts.

IT Manager

The IT Manager looks after our IT equipment and, most importantly, ensures that all of our electronic documents are protected by the highest level of security.