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AWS - Agency Walker Services
Immeuble "Le Sextant"
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92400 Courbevoie - France

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What you should know

Some of our clients give us "sensitive" documents to translate. To provide them with all of the necessary guarantees in terms of confidentiality and security, we have set up our own intellectual property and security procedures.

Due to our long experience of the translation business, we can provide you with the skills, reactivity and confidentiality you need for all of your professional translations.

A complete translation service

• translating documents
• proofreading and checking of translation already done,
• certifying the conformity of a translated text,
• creating and finalising layout.
• simultaneous, consecutive and liaison
interpreting / translating

Wide-ranging technical skills

Our 50 translators and interpreters work in their mother tongue and are specialists in two or three professions or business sectors.

This expertise enables them to work in the most highly technical fields, employing their skills as translators to adapt the messages to the document's end use whilst at the same time respecting the author's train of thought.

The team includes graphics specialists, for the final layout of the translated documents, and quality controllers, for checking the terminology, updating glossaries and supervising documents.

Extremely responsive

Due to the number of sectors covered, TRADUCLAIR can respond to most of the demands its clients make, whether they be for translation or interpreting.

Because we have a flexible structure and a loyal network of specialised and responsive translators in more than 25 countries, we can adapt to each demand and organise ourselves according to our clients' needs and possibilities.

For 20 years now, our translators and interpreters have been Traduclair's partners. This synergy, our close collaboration and the knowledge of Traduclair's methodology are our great added value and their wide range of skills enables us to meet all special demands with very short deadlines.

A confidentiality undertaking

Traduclair undertakes to strictly respect the confidentiality of documents with which it is entrusted. We have official security clearance for sensitive documents, which are kept in secured premises.