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What you should know

To be a good translator you have to be able to do more than just speak two languages fluently. Good translators must also be able to write well so that their texts read well in the target language. The most important aspect is not speaking two languages fluently but making the correct connections between them and imparting the essence of the message using the appropriate terminology and style.

We apply a proven terminology for all of our translation work so that we can guarantee the traceability of documents and the quality of our services.

Our translation methodology:

1st stage:
Analyse the document to be translated, identify the field and the specific terminology, the list of which is sent to the client for prior approval.
2nd stage:
Relay the price and translation time to the client for approval.
3rd stage:
Translation of the document by the native speaker translator who has skills in the field in question and who is provided with a glossary containing the appropriate terminology.
4th stage:
Proofread the document and check and harmonise the appropriate terminology, a task that is carried out by a native speaker.
5th stage:
Deliver by e-mail or hand, depending on the degree of confidentiality.
6th stage:
Validate the terminology in our database.
7th stage:
Archive and back-up the files.

For long missions, involving the translation of documents that are part of a long series, we adapt this methodology. We use working meetings with the representatives concerned to jointly define new procedures.

This enables us to ensure the continuity and uniformity of different translations (press releases, memoranda of understanding, series of abstracts intended for the same journal, legal documents, specifications of major items of equipment etc.)

Thanks to our project management system, we know at any time the list of documents translated or being translated, the document's title, the number of words in each language, the total work done since the beginning of our collaboration etc.

In the case of documents that are redundant or have changed (versions, updating), our archives make your searches easier. WE can identify the earlier versions that have already been translated and make the changes demanded, thus saving you time and money.

To continuously improve the quality of our services, we send our clients an assessment form, which we can then analyse for each job we do. We judge the intrinsic quality of the document according to the criteria defined and evaluate the overall quality of the translation, presentation of the documents and the respect of the delivery deadlines.