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What you should know

We get our greatest satisfaction from the quality of the translation work done by our translators, whatever the field and the difficulties imposed in terms of deadlines and technical constraints. We attach the same importance to the work done, whether it be for a multinational or a local SME.

Our clients come from various sectors of industry, services and the public sector. Some of them have entrusted us with their work for almost 30 years.

Below are some examples of the translations done in specific fields and in various languages:

  • ONERA (National Aerospace Research and Development Agency) translation and interpreting into English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese of scientific texts, Report of Activities, Aerospace Research Review.
  • DASSAULT Aviation numerous translations into many languages, but mainly English, Portuguese and Polish, of internet sites, reviews, speeches, contracts and technical documents.
  • EADS (European Aeronautic Defence & Space Company) Numerous translations, into many languages, of internet sites, reviews, speeches, ARIANE technical documents, Quality Manuals, Directives and Permanent Instructions.
  • ADP, PARIS AIRPORTS many interpreting missions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • NOVERGIE translation into various languages: environmental issues, Energy from Waste, advertising brochures and minutes of meetings.
  • CEA many translations into German, English and Spanish. Reports, decrees, speeches and scientific articles.
  • EDITION TECHNIP translation of scientific works into English: Energy for Tomorrow's World & Sedimentary Geology
  • INSTITUT PANOS PARIS ONG translations of several books and political documents.
  • LA LYONNAISE DES EAUX translations of several Press releases.
  • CNED researching and analysing articles from aeronautical reviews for officer training.
  • REGIMEDIA providing teams for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting to and from English in the dental field for the 4th European Congress of the EFOSS in 2006


  • The General Secretariat of National Defence geopolitical documents from Arabic to French
  • Institute for Advanced National Defence Studies preparation of conferences, translation of documents and provision of interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting from and into English and Portuguese and from French into Arabic
  • The French Ministry of Defence - DGA, Armaments Procurement Agency 25 years of work in many languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic; various Memorandum of Understanding, Technical Agreements, Ixarm Portal, The Armaments Review, Biographies, medical, biological and other fields and DICOD, State Organisation for Defence Information and Communications, Internet Site in English and Spanish, English version of the proposed Military planning law.
  • OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation) translation for the Roland programme, translation of draft agreements - French to German and vice-versa.
  • MARSHALL CENTER preparation of conferences, providing 15 interpreters (simultaneous and consecutive interpreting) to and from English and Russian.