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What you should know

Some of our clients have entrusted us with their work for 29 years: ONERA, EADS, DASSAULT. We thank them for their loyalty.

Our clients' trust is our major source of satisfaction.

Below are a few testimonials from our clients:


French Armaments procurement Agency
(Plans, budget and management division)

"The quality of the translation is very high, the presentation is very good and the deadlines perfect. Thanks, once again, to the whole translation team"

Dassault Aviation

"Thank you very much for the translation of the article. It was just right for me and will save me a lot of time. Also, thanks for respecting the deadlines. I was able to work on the article this week-end and send it in time."

Société e-corporate English

"Traduclair's translators have supplied us with excellent technical work in an outstanding style. Furthermore, the deadlines imposed have been scrupulously respected."


National Distance Learning Centre
"Traduclair's translators have demonstrated their appreciable and appreciated skills, availability and responsiveness."

Marshall Center

College of international and Security Studies
"Interpreting very good. We thank you very much"


Good contact has been established with the translation company Traduclair, which has made professional exchanges appreciable and agreeable.