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What you should know

A translator does not translate everything: a translator who specialises in legal matters could not translate a scientific document because it is best if he or she knows the subject. Professional experience has shown that a translator is capable of handling a maximum of 3 to 4 specific subjects and mastering 2 to 3 languages, with some exceptions, but always translating into his or her mother tongue.

TRADUCLAIR has a team of 50 professional specialist translators.

TRADUCLAIR works with a team of translators and interpreters who have been educated by the most prestigious translation schools - ISIT, ESIT - or foreign universities and have significant experience in their respective specialist fields, some of them for more than 15 years. They have all demonstrated their skills in their specialist fields. We ask all new translators to send us examples of their work. The relationship that we set up with our translators is based on the love of work well done. The job of translation demands a very high degree of concentration and therefore you must love your work to do it well.

More than just translators and interpreters, we are partners.

If needed, we test translators under real conditions with a test text to assess their intellectual capacity to handle the subject and their ability to respect deadlines. Unsolicited applications are all taken into account. They are sorted and classified by language, field and professional experience.