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What you should know

There are about 8,000 translators in France. Though very good foreign language skills are essential, translators must also have perfect command of their mother tongue and write well because they almost always translate from the foreign language to their mother tongue. The more technical the documents to be translated, the more important it is that the translator knows his or her subject.

Translating professional documents demands real know-how.

Translation is a discipline that requires a set of specific skills:

• command of the source language,
• perfect ease in the target language,
• knowledge of the principles of spoken
and written communication,
• technical expertise in the sector and profession in question.

Translation and adaptation

A text may be correctly translated at a technical level, but give an end result that is not totally satisfactory. Lack of fluidity, unusual terms: to the native speaker's eyes it is clear that the document is a translation that has not been adapted perfectly to the target language.

We must distinguish between translation "for understanding" and translation that is really adapted to your communication strategy, which often requires changes to the text.

Traduclair takes the purpose of the document to be translated into account (understanding, publication, internal use, etc.), in order to adapt its translation, whilst remaining faithful to the original text.

The best translators relay 80 to 85% of the author's train of thought, the less good, 30%.