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What you should know

Specialised technical translators must know their fields well and keep up with technical developments. If the translator does not manage to express the contents of an article or report in precisely the same way as a researcher in the field, it runs the risk of refusal, even if the contents are significant.

A professional translator or interpreter is above all an expert in the field.

In the world of business, a translator of professional documents has to know the business "jargon", which develops as the technologies progress. Only professional translators with long expertise in the field can provide a faithful translation that is suitable for the intended use. A translator does not translate in all fields: a translator who specialises in law would not translate scientific documents because it is best if he or she knows the subject involved.

The style adopted is also a function of the type of document to be translated. The simple and spare style of technical documents is very different from the figures of speech used in the context of marketing or sales brochures.

The first thing a professional translator does is get an in depth understanding of the text and its objectives. This may involve asking the client for clarification about certain points, so that there is no ambiguity in interpretation.

We should distinguish between translation "for understanding" and translation that is really adapted to your communication strategy, which often calls for adaptation of the text.