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With 30 years experience in different fields and professions, TRADUCLAIR has a solid terminological database validated by specialists.

This source of information is updated each day from our glossaries, thus enabling us to deliver the best possible translation of your documents. All documents are centralised and secured in our information system.

More than 50,000,000 terms are grouped together by category and sector (law, aeronautics, telecommunications, biology, bacteriology, etc.) and by client.

By using these glossaries, our translators can access a continually developing knowledge base, which improves the accuracy and quality of our translations.

Each glossary is adapted and dedicated to your company, which means that the translation will be in perfect conformity with the specific features of your organisation and business.

What you should know

No translation is a good translation unless the correct terminology is employed. This can be very different for two clients in the same sector.

For example, there are 3 ways of translating "avant-projet" into English:
- avant-projet : pilot study
- avant-projet : Draft
- avant-projet : preliminary design
- avant-projet : Scheme

Similarly, you cannot always find an official translation for acronyms, bibliographies or titles of books, films or articles. Therefore, it is important to create a database so that an acronym or title is always translated in the same way.