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Interpreting or simultaneous translation.

Interpreting requires a command of both languages and communication to get the messages across correctly from one language to the other.

Our team of interpreters handles highly technical subjects in which strategic considerations are juxtaposed with scientific, geopolitical and technical matters. It is capable of interpreting exchanges in the leading edge sectors.

Preparing the missions

Before each seminar or session, the interpreter carefully studies the specific documentation in the languages concerned that you have supplied before the mission along with the description of the project.

This information is supplemented by personal research or searches of our internal knowledge base, which we can use to find list of acronyms, abbreviations and precise specifications on a given subject very quickly.

Simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting

Our interpreters use different techniques.

In the case of consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes and reproduces the whole of the speech at the end of each intervention. In the case of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter is installed in a cabin and equipped with earphones and a microphone. He or she listens to the speech and translates from one language to another as it proceeds.

Whispered interpreting is a variant of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter follows the speech and translates it simultaneously whispering to the participants concerned.

Liaison interpreting takes place in the context of visits or meetings. The interpreter knows the topic dealt with. This technique is often used during visits to factories or sites abroad.

Technical equipment

Traduclair can provide you with the technical equipment necessary for the interpreting mission, according to your requirements. A technician takes care of installing and testing the system to ensure perfect sound quality during the mission.

What you should know

For on-site communication demanding good understanding of the subject, clear expression and a good command of terminology, you would call on the services of a liaison interpreter with a good command of the languages concerned who would prioritise skill and technical rigour in order bring into play the natural complicity between specialists.
For supportive consecutive interpreting, the usual translator or translator-interpreter would be adequate.
Finally, for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting when major issues are at stake there can be absolutely no compromise on the skills required: only a real conference interpreter can provide the necessary guarantees.