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Translating is also communicating.

The presentation of your documents is an essential part of your communication. Once the translation has been done, TRADUCLAIR can take care of the layout of your documents, whether they are intended for on-line use (HTML or php web pages) or hard copy.

Our DTP specialists can reproduce your translated documents in the same form as the original or propose a specific presentation for a new use.

Using our DTP equipment, we can do the following work for you:
• Page set-up
• Layout
• Insertion of images and logos
• Scanning, reproduction of photos
• Tables, figures, miscellaneous editing
• Mathematical or physical equations.

What you should know

Increasingly often, the best solution is a combination of translation and authoring. The translator translates the document in order to make all of the contents accessible but without worrying too much about stylistic conformity. The translation is explicative and very literal and the only concern is to produce a "source of information" that will be used by the rewriter.