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The proofreading phase is essential for good quality translation.

This is an absolute rule. It is carried out by a native speaker who, with fresh eyes, checks the document's consistency, the terminology used and the fluidity of the message.

The proof reader is responsible for checking the quality of translations and indicating anything that seems inadequate but should only correct those things that are obviously and indisputably incorrect or inadequate.

Sometimes, two proofreaders have to be used, the first to check the linguistic quality of the translation and the second to check its technical quality.

The document's layout also has to be taken into account. The translator makes a final revision on proofs: checking the caesura, the typography and the elements used to localise the document translated perfectly.

We can also offer to proofread and validate the documents translated by your internal services.

What you should know

The level of finishing required when a translation is proofread is called proofreading quality. The purpose of this level of quality is to limit the number of alterations the proof reader has to make and, consequently, the time spent proofreading (which is reflected in the cost of the final translation). A translation is of proofreading quality if it conforms to specifications and is linguistically error free, with no faults in spelling, syntax or grammar, and has no obvious mistranslations.